We created PlayPlaces as a one-stop solution for people traveling with children. It was born out of sheer necessity when we experienced all of these same frustrations. 

Our goal is to provide an inclusive database that allows for reviews and real-time updates about particular family friendly establishments. This way, you can learn about other people’s experiences as well as pertinent information regarding closures, safety, and more!


My husband and I have always loved a good road trip. There’s nothing quite like filling the tank with gas and our bellies up with snacks and hitting the road! However, then we had 3 kids and the fun trips became few and far between. Taking 3 small children to a sketchy bathroom where only one toilet works and begging them not to touch anything is NOT what I imagined when I dreamt of traveling with my family.

Planning our route around stopping at a particular restaurant that we know our kids will enjoy, but then getting there only to find it’s closed would make anyone have a tantrum! Getting to your destination and having the weather ruin your plans, but not knowing much about the area to be able to find something else to do is frustrating and disappointing for everyone!

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